Growing up in New York’s Chinatown with reverence for the physical world and the connection to memory and identity, Stephanie has devoted her work to the exploration of the ways space, objects, and people can come together through human experiences.

An intuitive pull towards an examination of the ways we shape and punctuate our existence through the physical world drew her to pursue a BFA in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she fell in love with the art of making chairs. This appreciation for the sociological aspect of furniture—like how placement in a room or angle of the body might affect behavior and interaction—extended into space, and evolved into a practice of creating experiences that require a consideration of these details to successfully bring people together.

Prior to the formation of her studio, Stephanie has worked for heritage design companies and direct-to-consumer startups alike to engage their audiences through the strategy, design, and production of brand concepts, retail spaces, and a plethora of events. Notably, she has held in-house roles at Everlane, where she shaped the formation of the brand’s experiential ecosystem and its first foray into physical retail. She has also worked within the team at Vitsoe, where she learned the true meaning of systems-thinking in living, while developing design-minded, editorial programming through the brand’s New York storefront space.

Stephanie is based in Los Angeles but hails from New York (and is there often). Aside from whiling away with projects at home, she also finds home in the worlds of art, architecture, time over wine, and the conviviality of a good dinner party.