I conceptualize, design, and assemble experiences, gatherings, and stories that bridge the space between a brand and their audience, a person and a product, a place and a memory, or that simply bring people together. With a process rooted in strategy and research, my work is equal parts physical and philosophical, using narrative and empathy to inform the sensory details that bring an experience to life.

With a background at the intersection of design and brand, I’m a part-artist, part-strategist, part-human engager, feeling at home within the worlds of design, hospitality, and retail. Whether a storefront or a dinner party, the experiences I create are explored through layers of culture, place, and time, and I find most meaning when materializing a vision that has yet to be made real.

Areas of Service

Design Research & Experiential Strategy

As a creative and strategic engine, I can help realize ideas that have yet to be—from sparking an initial vision to building the frameworks through which an idea can be developed. From place to product, I can investigate broadly or specifically to inform why and how an experience might exist, from the weight of its scale to the weight of its meaning.

Creative Direction & Spatial Design

For spaces and experiences temporary, permanent, large, or small, I can develop the design from its high-level journey and touchpoints of interaction to the interiors, sensory details, and atmosphere. Grounded always in concept and narrative, my approach bridges both style and substance to create an experience that explores connection between space, objects, and each other.

Editorial Programming & Curation

With an editorial eye, I can help tell stories and bring people together through the curation and assembly of people and ideas. Building programming from strategy to specific concepts, my approach to events and temporal experiences spans from the immersive to the educational to spark collaboration and bring the soul of a place, and brand, to life.


For project inquiries or ideas, I’d love to hear—send a note to set up an introductory conversation.